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Working with Conceptual Artist Kimsooja

By March 1, 2017Design
Kimsooja, fine art, conceptual artist, custom clamshell box, bella forte designs, presentation
Although most of our clients here at Bella Forte Designs keep our creative minds busy artists have a tendency to push us even further down the innovation rabbit hole. Artist Kimsooja is no different. This seemingly sleek and simple four walled clamshell box has a twist. Iris cloth in medium gray lines the walls and cover. Even though it is not pictured the cover and spine of the box feature the title custom printed. The innovative design comes in the form of the interior lid. Interior lids commonly have a ribbon tab or are included in a notched clamshell box. For Kimsooja’s particular project neither of these options would do. The BFD team has instead expertly crafted a small notch in the back wall. The interior lid, with a notch of its own, fits perfectly in place. In addition to the printing on the cover, the interior lid has the title of the art piece printed on Iris cloth in smoke.   Interested in a custom clamshell box for your own project? Get a quote on our custom box page today!