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Trained in Italy, Bridget Morris is an entrepreneur whose passion for her art form is like a force of nature. Her success has been won through tireless work in building trust with her clients in meeting their discriminating needs. Passionate expertise, professionalism and creative ingenuity are just some of the reasons why Bella Forte Designs products are sought after and are in the hands and collections of  The White House, The Vatican,  and world-renowned photographers.

Growing up in central Pennsylvania with three siblings, Bridget was always a bit of a rebel, athletic and fiercely independent. Her father taught the qualities of discipline, responsibility and the art of having fun. Although bucolic and forming her connection with nature, this provincial environment stifled her creative passions and as a teenager she would often venture alone to New York City soaking in its energy and culture.

“Passionate expertise, professionalism and creative ingenuity are just some of the reasons why Bella Forte Designs products are sought after and have been designed for top CEOs, Design Firms, and world-renowned photographers.”

For three years she studied interior design in college and then in a study abroad program went to Italy working in bookbinding and printmaking. This one semester plan turned into a two-year life changing journey which formed the foundation of her career. Cortona and Tuscany became her home, as she learned to speak fluent Italian and master the art of survival on a lire. After returning home she worked for a book seller in Philadelphia and competed in triathlons. By the age of thirty Bridget had 2 young children and restored books for the Collection Care Department of the Free Library of Philadelphia. But this Vespa-riding mom’s entrepreneurial and creative ambitions were not being met so she focused on building Bella Forte Designs.

Using her expertise and determination, Bella Forte Designs took on a new shape and while raising her children and meeting the needs of her family, she steadily built her business. Today, Bella Forte Designs is recognized as the leader in high quality presentational products across the globe. With her husband, noted artist Paul King, this creative team is constantly thinking of new products to make with the passion for keeping this unique and special craft relevant. When they are not in the studio, Bridget and Paul are most happily exploring new lands, connecting with nature and seeing their 4 college age children thriving. With that rebel spirit shining, Bridget continues to build Bella Forte Designs recognition with excellence, attentive service and creativity.

Our joy is bringing your vision to life!

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