Our design conscious client wanted some iPad presentation boxes that would house an iPad but also house and hide the charger. We love the choice of colors, especially our duo-tone cloth with the foil color. An eye opener!

Our customer had a “dream box design” in mind when they came to us. We made their dreams a reality. These stunning boxes have a custom gradient printed bookcloth inside and out. Stunning!!

These boxes were made for a professional training. The participants received their training via iPads which were put into a leather case and presented with other collateral into these boxes.

This college graduation gift consisted of letters written from mom to her daughter during her college years. Designed, printed and bound then boxes beautifully.

Known for their 3 day wedding celebrations the Indian tradition of weddings make for great memories and photos. This 2 album, 2 box set is a great gift idea to make sure no moment is forgotten.

Our best friends. Our fur babies. They bring us so much joy, with them we share unconditional love. They are some of the most treasured relationships in our lives. When they pass we grieve.

This memory box was made for Kris Carr after the loss of her beloved Buddy. The two piece box is covered in red book cloth and the photographs are custom printed on white Iris book cloth. It will house his collar and other special Buddy things. Let us know if we can make something special to honor your best friend.

Look through our materials page to create the perfect memory box to honor your best friend.

Spring has sprung at Bella Forte Designs! These beautifully seasonal cigar style boxes are covered completely with custom printed cloth. As a result the cigar style boxes become a one of a kind presentation for our clients. The client created a color gradient which the BFD team printed onto white Iris cloth. In addition to the printed cloth the box is designed with five wells to house a tee shirt, camera, picture frame, pencils and a journal and calendar. Each item fits perfectly into its assigned well and is identified with a printed interior lid.


Wanting to customize your next project with printing on cloth? Take a look at our PDF portfolio.